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Our tree planting and transplanting capabilities are considerable. Almost every working day we are planting and transplanting trees with diameters of 2”-10” and heights up to 30 feet.

We will also consider projects where mega trees or trees in sizes larger than the above need to be planted or transplanted. We’ll use whatever means necessary, whether it be hand digging and crane setting a prize Japanese maple or transplanting using truck mounted tree spade or tractor mounted transplanters.

We have a good number of trees available in our nurseries and work with other great nurseries in the Southeast for even more options.

Tree Transplanting

We transplant trees and shrubs using hand or machine digging techniques. We can move almost anything with 18″-120″ diameter root balls. Because it’s not unusual for Japanese maples to be planted very close to houses and other structures we have moved a great many of them.

Tree Planting

The Maplewood Company plants specimen trees for shade, privacy, flowering, or just for the beauty.  We can provide trees from one of our nurseries or any one of the many nurseries that we have relationships with. 

Ball and Burlapping

The Maplewood Company provides ball and burlapping services from 18″-120″ root balls. Whether the tree is in your yard or in a nursery, we’ll get it ready to be stock piled or to be replanted by us or someone else.

Tree Stockpiling

Call us if you have a tree in the way of construction and you would like to remove it. We can move in to a safe location and then move it back once construction is over. Or if you no longer want the tree, we may be able to pay you for it or give it a good new home for free.

2 Year Guarantee

We also include a two year guarantee on any tree that we provide and install and we also provide great maintenance and watering instructions that make it possible to do what we year round. See the document to the right for more information.

Watering Instructions

Watering Instructions and Warranty Information​​​


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